<h1>4 day itinerary for Great Ocean Road & the Grampians </h1>

4 day itinerary for Great Ocean Road & the Grampians

by Chris Burns, Hop To It Tours

There are many great things to see in Victoria when you come to visit Melbourne. The Great Ocean Road should be at the top of everyone’s list but did you know that the Grampians National Park  can easily be added into this itinerary?

As such taking your time to do a road trip from Melbourne should be your priority and this article will give you some insight as why you should organise a 4 day itinerary from Melbourne to spend 3 days on the Great Ocean Road as well as a day in the Grampians.

We feel that pictures say a thousand words so enjoy some photos from the places you could see on this adventure tourism itinerary!

View of Mackenzie Falls in the Grampians from upper viewpointDay 1: Melbourne – Grampians National Park (approximately 250km)

If you leave early you’ll be in the Grampians at lunchtime. Grab some lunch at Halls Gap and then jump back in the car to go to the following:

First stop will be Mackenzie Falls.

About 40 minutes from Halls Gap you’ll need 1-1.5 hours here to appreciate it from both the bottom and the viewpoint at the top.




Mackenzie Falls, Grampians National Park

Driving back to Halls Gap you’ll then stop at the Balconies and Reeds Lookout.

The Balconies Lookout, Grampians National Park


Day 2: Grampians National Park – Great Ocean Road (approximately 150km)

Before leaving the Grampians you’ll drive to the Wonderland carpark and hike to the Pinnacles Summit. An excellent 3 hour hike you traverse up past lots of rock formations to get an amazing vie of Halls Gap and the surrounds.

Pinnacles Lookout at the Grampians National Park


In a canyon on the Pinnacles hike, Grampians National Park


View of Halls Gap from the Pinnacles Lookout


Once finished you’re going to drive through the Southern Grampians, past Dunkheld to the coastline and to the wildlife reserve of Tower Hill. An extinct volcano, Tower Hill Nature Reserve sits inside the caldera and is an amazing place to see wildlife. Here, emus and kangaroos patrol the picnic grounds and koalas are easy to spot on the boardwalk track. You could spend ages here but an hour is recommended to get a good taste and still be able to do the rest of the itinerary.

Emu family at Tower Hill


Tower Hill Nature Reserve Lake


Koala at Tower Hill


Driving past Warrnambool, you will enter the Great Ocean Road. Already late in the afternoon not too much sightseeing will be done today but we will stop at the Bay of Islands for a taste of what’s to come before spending the night either at Peterborough or Port Campbell.

Bay of Islands on the Great Ocean Road


Day 3: Great Ocean Road – Otway Rainforest (approximately 100km)

One thing to note is to do the Great Ocean Road properly you should think of it as an area rather than just a road. To stay on the Great Ocean Road would mean to miss a lot of highlights, especially around the Otway Rainforest. Before you get there though it’s time to explore the Shipwreck Coast. Within a small vicinity you’ll have the opportunity to explore London Arch, The Grotto, Loch Ard Gorge and the 12 Apostles. When at the 12 Apostles you also have the opportunity to do a helicopter ride to see them from the air!

London Bridge at sunset on the Great Ocean Road


Looking through The Grotto, Great Ocean Road


View from the beach at Loch Ard Gorge, Great Ocean Road


Twelve Apostles on the Great Ocean Road in the morning


View of 12 Apostles from a helicopter


You’ll leave the Shipwreck coast around midday and drive towards the Otway Rainforest. There are many areas to check out in the Otway Rainforest but with limited time limit it to two places; the first is a great 40 minute walk at Melba Gully, and the second, a little inland at the Otway Fly – the world’s longest treetop walk and also a zip line tour!

Otway Fly Zip line course


Melba Gully in the Otway Rainforest on the Great Ocean Road

Once finished drive to either Apollo Bay or Lorne for a good night’s rest.

Day 4: The Great Ocean Road – home (approximately 150km)

From Lorne head inland 10km and we’ll get our last taste of the Otway Rainforest at Erskine Falls, arguably the most impressive of the waterfalls and the most accessible.


Taking a photo at the Erskine Falls, Lorne

From Lorne the Great Ocean Road does another pivot; we now are on the Surf Coast! Just before Fairhaven you’ll see the famous Great Ocean Road sign so stop to get your Instagram pic.

Great Ocean Road sign

Here all the towns left are surf hubs and are great spots to do a surfing lesson. However the most famous break on the surf coast is definitely Bells Beach so you’ve got to stop there to check it out!




A surfer takes the steps down to Bells Beach

It’s worth mentioning that just before the Bells Beach turnoff is the Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie. It’s definitely worth a stop and the hot chocolate especially is to die for!

The last town on the Great Ocean Road is Torquay and if you haven’t stopped for a beach break yet then here is highly recommended. Hit the back beach if you’re keen to go in the surf. However if you like it milder go around the point and check out the front beach. It’s still beautiful but also the water is still.

Depending on what time you leave you might like to check out a winery on the Bellarine Peninsula on the way back to Melbourne. The drive itself is approximately an hour and a half long so that will depend on how much energy you have left!

Once you arrive back in Melbourne you’ll definitely need a day or two to recover! It’s an action packed yet completely diverse itinerary and will hopefully have you deciding that on your next trip to Australia you should set aside a week to be in Melbourne.

If this looks like something you’d be keen to do and want to do it with likeminded travellers you should jump on our 4 day Great Ocean Road & Grampians campout. We’ll follow this itinerary and camp out at some great places (including a hidden gem in the Otways not mentioned here). Doing it in a comfortable style you’ll be able to enjoy the adventure yet leave the stress of organisation behind.

Hope to see you on a tour soon!


  • By Sandi Reply

    I was just wondering how many kms ea day you hike? Or is it more you drive to places then do the hike to a special place.

    • By chris Reply

      Hi Sandi,

      Our group tours do drive to places and then hike to a special place as you suggest. No one hike during the day is over 5km but we might walk over 10km each day with all the stops included.

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