<h1>Great Ocean Road & Grampians Glamping: Why not “Comfort Camping” instead?</h1>

Great Ocean Road & Grampians Glamping: Why not “Comfort Camping” instead?

Camping is definitely a form of travel that divides people. You either:

  • Love being out in nature, or hate it
  • Can’t sleep due to the sounds, or have the best sleep ever
  • Want to escape the elements (weather), or thrive in them
  • Think it’s dirty, and shy away from being grubby, or embrace it
  • You’re away from technology and can’t cope, or you find that an escape

Because of this, we generally find that there are two markets for being out in nature –

  1. those willing to spend a lot, staying in an upmarket lodge – the glamping market,
  2. Or, those bringing in their own budget camp gear and spending as little as possible – the budget camping market

My question is: Why isn’t there a market for comfort camping?

Comfort camping: “Almost” Glamping without breaking the bank

Good camping gear combined with an awesome camp-site is the definition of “comfort camping”. And it really isn’t too far-off from what you’d call glamping –except for the expensive price tag, of course.

What’s more, “comfort camping” comes naturally to us, Aussies. Most of us have gone camping for long weekends with friends or family at some stage in our lives. Those that embrace it, start investing in their own camping gear. They can do this because, generally, they have a large vehicle (AWD/SUV) that can be packed to the brim, driven straight to the campsite, and unloaded to set-up camp, on-the spot.

And once you have these two covered -good camping-gear and good camp-site – you have everything you need to be comfortable. You can spend your time enjoying the awesome nature, sights, and surrounds. AND you end-up paying a very small price tag.

Comfort camping: Get the gear right. Sleep tight.

Quite often for two people, you will see the following:

  • A 4-6 man tent that is tall enough to stand in.
  • Inside will have a thick, double mattress, similar to a futon you can roll up.
  • Either a quilt or sleeping bag depending on preference.
  • Sites will be powered so there’s quite often a fan inside their tent to keep cool and a lantern for light.
  • Next to their tent will be a gazebo tent, fitted out with gas stove, fold out tables, comfortable chairs, large cooler box for food and another for drinks.
  • They’ll have games to play such as cards, board games, sports balls, and books.

Comfort camping: Location, location, location!

The other thing that makes comfort camping is where you choose to set up camp. Around Grampians there are plenty of private campgrounds that are decked out really well. These camp-site offer creature comforts, like:

  • Clean, large shower and toilet facilities
  • Laundry
  • Kitchen
  • BBQ
  • Communal indoor area
  • Playground for kids
  • Many have a swimming pool
  • Wi-fi
  • Power
  • General store for food, drinks, ice, and wood

But, how expensive is good camping gear?

Obviously the issue with comfort camping is when you don’t own the camping equipment. Our solution at Hop To It Tours is to offer a tour that provides everything we described above* – great camping gear combined with great camp-sites. In fact, we even have our own solar panels and battery for power, along with 4G WIFI and fridge to make sure everything is as comfortable as possible for our campers.

And that’s not all. We won’t sit around camp all day. We’ll go out and explore everything the area has to offer and then relax back at camp after

* With the exception of using swags instead of mattresses (which are super comfortable as are 60mm thick), our set up is pretty much as described above.

Book a Grampians Glamping comfort-camping tour with us!

Hop To It Tours 4 Day campout through the Grampians, Great Ocean Road and 12 Apostles will balance the perfect highlights sightseeing package with a great comfort camping experience.

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