Great Ocean Road Private Bus Tour

Great Ocean Road Private Bus Tour

Experience Great Ocean Road Your Way with a Private Bus Tour

You will get the most value out of your travel experience down the Great Ocean Road with our private bus tour and a guide who helps you immerse yourself in the Australian outdoors. As an avid traveler, we enjoy seeing you take on new adventures such as surfing iconic breaks, hiking stunning nature trails, walking among the treetops, and more. If you prefer to relax and indulge in culinary delights, you can tour around some of Australia’s well-known cheese factories, wineries, distilleries, ice creameries, and chocolateries. Let us know your list of places to visit, and we can help organise your itinerary and make the relevant bookings.


Things to Do on Your Great Ocean Road Private Day Tour

You can select from various destinations to explore on your private day tour down Great Ocean Road.

  • Visit the Twelve Apostles and the Shipwreck Coast: Great Ocean Road eases around Port Campbell’s famous limestone coast where, proudly on display, sits a collection of 45-metre high rock stacks known as the Twelve Apostles. The site displays eight stacks and another structure known as the London Arch that showcase the beauty of the limestone formation. You can take on a birds-eye view of the coastline with a helicopter ride over the rock formations.
  • Surf at Bells Beach: Take to the water and catch a few waves at the internationally-renowned Bells Beach surf spot. Boasting quality waves and home to the world’s longest-running surfing competition, this stop is a must for surfers.
  • Explore the nature walks: Experience the beauty of Otway Rainforest with stunning nature walks among tall trees, ancient plants, lush ferns, and spectacular waterfalls. You can take your nature experience to the next level and walk this paradise rainforest on the Otway Fly Tree Top Walk or zip-line through the green scenery.

Other tour options include seeing koalas at Kennett River, visiting the coastal town of Apollo Bay, and more.

What You Can Expect from Hop To It Tours Regarding a Private Bus Tour Down Great Ocean Road

We help you get the most value out of your private Great Ocean Road day tour.

  • Organise your itinerary: We are familiar and experienced with travelling the Great Ocean Road and stopping at various hot spots along the way. Our knowledge of the area is essential for helping you organise your itinerary as not everything is possible to do in one day. We help you make arrangements for the most suitable timetable, including relevant bookings. Alternatively, if there is more you would like to see, you can opt for a multi-day tour.
  • Flat rate service: Our private tours are a flat-rate transport service which means you pay a set amount regardless of the number of people. You can fill our tour bus with up to fifteen friends or keep your day adventures exclusive with a smaller group. Either way, you only pay a set amount, so there are no hidden costs. You can choose to have a picnic lunch provided or tell us which delicious eatery you would like to stop at along the way.
  • Luxury minibus: You will travel in comfort with our quality fifteen-seater Mercedes minivan. Our van is equipped with a friendly and knowledgeable driver, reclining seats, air conditioning, USB chargers and more.

Twelve Apostles on the Great Ocean Road in the morning

Why Trust Hop To It Tours Regarding a Private Great Ocean Bus Tour?

We are an experienced, local tour operator that provides you with personalised service. Regardless of what you want to experience along Great Ocean Road, we can help you organise your itinerary, so the day runs smoothly and makes the relevant bookings. You will enjoy every aspect of your tour from the comfortable minibus, to seeing famous hot spots and enjoying delicious culinary delights. Contact us today and book your private tour.

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