<h1>Photos of the Great Ocean Road rock formations</h1>

Photos of the Great Ocean Road rock formations

By Chris Burns, Hop To It Tours

 The Shipwreck Coast, on the Great Ocean Road, is an area with strong waves and large limestone cliff faces. As such many amazing rock formations have been formed across only about a 40km stretch and give you many chances to take great photos.

The Twelve Apostles at sunset, panoramic shot
The Twelve Apostles at sunset

The Twelve Apostles is the most famous sight on the Great Ocean Road and is a must visit, but this article will show you why you should spend longer in the area to see all the Shipwreck Coast has to offer and give you some tips for visiting. Here are the different formations – enjoy!


The Twelve Apostles

 Actually really just seven current apostles, the limestone rock stacks tower up to 50m high. There is plenty of car parking and a visitor centre here but definitely do not come between 3-5pm as that is when most day tours arrive and it will be packed!

View of other side of Twelve Apostles
View of other side of Twelve Apostles
Twelve Apostles on the Great Ocean Road in the morning
Twelve Apostles in the morning
Twelve Apostles View from about kilometre from visitors centre
View from about kilometre from visitors centre

Loch Ard Gorge

 Named after the ship that crashed here, Loch Ard Gorge is only 3.5km from the Twelve Apostles, making it the second most popular spot and again must be avoided between 3-5pm. There are other great viewpoints accessible from the same car park, such as the Razorback, so spend some time here.

View from the beach at Loch Ard Gorge, Great Ocean Road
Loch Ard Gorge
The Razorback, near Loch Ard Gorge, Great Ocean Road
Just nearby, the Razorback

Loch Ard Gorge video

The Grotto

 On the other side of Port Campbell, The Grotto is a quick stop spot, where you can descend down a staircase to see this great formation.

The Grotto, Great Ocean Road, view from top
The Grotto view from top
Looking through The Grotto, Great Ocean Road
Looking through The Grotto

London Arch

 Formerly known as London Bridge until erosion caused part of it to fall, London Arch is still a very impressive sea-locked archway.

London Arch at sunset on the Great Ocean Road
London Arch at sunset
Wide angle lens view of London Arch, Great Ocean Road
Wide angle lens view of London Arch

Bay of Islands and Bay of Martyrs

 These are spots a little less visited but are still very beautiful, especially at sunset. They are deemed part of the Bay of Islands Coastal Park as opposed to all the others, which are part of Port Campbell National Park.

Bay of Islands on the Great Ocean Road
Bay of Islands
Bay of Islands, Great Ocean Road at sunset
Bay of Islands at sunset

Bay of Martyrs video

Tips for travelling to the Shipwreck Coast on The Great Ocean Road

  • If you try to see it in one day you will find the traffic intolerable. This is because many tour buses do this route and the Great Ocean Road is long and windy with few spots to overtake.
  • If you have to do it in one day then try to go in reverse, driving the Princess Freeway straight to Port Campbell and working your way along the Great Ocean Road back to Melbourne.
  • Most tour groups only go to the Twelve Apostles and Loch Ard Gorge as the easiest way back to Melbourne is to turn back to the freeway from Port Campbell.
  • Worth staying a night either at Port Campbell or Peterborough. That way you can avoid the crowds.
  • Best light for photographs at the Twelve Apostles is in the morning but you can also get an amazing sunset photo at all spots (if the sunset behaves).
  • This stretch of the Great Ocean Road is three hours from Melbourne. Do it as part of a longer trip rather than try to rush it. There is so much to see and do. See our article on a 3 day Great Ocean Road itinerary for ideas.
  • Incorporate other amazing spots in the area such as the Otway Rainforest, Tower Hill Nature Reserve, or a little further away, the Grampians National Park. Our 3 & 4 day small group tour campout is a great way of exploring the area.

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