Private Bus Tours Yarra Valley

Private Bus Tours Yarra Valley

Find a New Favourite Wine with Private Bus Tours in the Yarra Valley

Private bus tours in the Yarra Valley with Hop To It Tours are the best way to experience the local wine scene, visit some of the leading wineries in the region, and taste some amazing drinks and foods.

Our travel experience and local knowledge of the Yarra Valley means your private wine tours can be personalised to what you desire. Our passionate tour guide can even show you a few hidden gems along the way.

Tent, Swag and Bus from Hop To It Tours

Benefits of Group Wine Tours in the Yarra Valley

Yarra Valley private wine tours are a great way to see the region and taste some of the best wines this area has to offer. Here are some of the main advantages a group wine tour has over a self-guided tour.

  • You’ll have a professional tour guide: Your group will have an experienced guide to create a flexible plan for your day, take you to the top wineries in the region, and provide interesting information and answer questions about both wine and the Yarra Valley. You can also choose a tour that includes stops at local restaurants or shops, and your tour guide will be familiar with these places as well.
  • It’s safer. Private group wine tours are safer than going it alone for multiple reasons. First, professional tours are fully insured and licensed. Also, you won’t have to worry about designating a driver. That means that you’ll be free to enjoy all the delicious wine you want while letting your (sober) tour guide handle the driving.
  • It’s perfect for special occasions. Group wine tours are an incredibly fun way to mark a special occasion, such as a birthday, anniversary, or wedding shower. If you have a special event to celebrate, a wine tour can be an excellent way to make it even more memorable. You and all your guests will enjoy your time together and the experiences you share – and talk about them for years to come.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Yarra Valley Private Bus Tours

If you are a newcomer to the wine tour scene, it can be a little intimidating. Even if you’ve been on many, however, there are some things to know that can help you get the most out of your experience. Remember:

  • Ask your guide or wine producer for more information. These professionals are there specifically to provide information and guidance, so don’t hesitate to take advantage of their services. Ask any questions you may have about a given wine, variety, or processes used.
  • Take note as you taste. It’s easy to lose track of which wines were your favourites when you taste so many in one day. If you want to buy the ones you loved the most or even order them from home, later on, it’s a good idea to jot down some notes. Include the name of the wine and what you liked about it so that you’ll have it to refer to when you shop.
  • Go with an open mind. The whole purpose of private Yarra Valley wine tours is to learn about wine and discover new favourites – which you can’t do if you stick only to familiar wines. Do you favour reds? Be sure to try the white. If you typically drink sweet wines, taste a dry one or two. You might just find something new that you can’t ignore.

What You Can Expect from Hop To It Tours Regarding Group Wine Tours in Yarra Valley?

We provide you with a personalised tour service and can help you get the most value out of your day.

  • Pick up from your chosen location: Our private Yarra Valley bus tours provide a door to door service. We pick you up from your location, which removes the risk of starting your day late. We ensure to get you to the first winery of your choosing for opening time at eleven o’clock in the morning. Our efficient and reliable service means you can visit numerous wineries during the day, and we drop you back to your chosen destination at the end of your tour.
  • Friendly guide: With a passion for travelling and experiencing local culture, our guide will immediately make you feel excited about your tour from the moment you enter the minibus. You will receive a personalised tour with informative and fascinating anecdotes as you travel and the chance to stop off at lesser-known yet stunning destinations along the way.

About Hop To It Tours

Hop To It Tours is staffed with experienced tour leaders who are highly familiar with the area and can answer all your questions and provide information along the way. You’ll travel in comfort and style with us, as our luxury bus features 15 seats, free Wi-Fi, and USB ports for every seat. Our private Yarra Valley bus tours are all-inclusive – all you need to bring is yourself and any alcohol you may want. Book our bus and pay a flat rate, then fill the seats with as many friends as you’d like (up to 15 total). Contact us today to book your tour.

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