Top Mornington Peninsula Wineries

Top Mornington Peninsula Wineries

by Chris Burns, Hop To It Tours

There are many other amazing things to do in the Mornington Peninsula such as hiking, beaches and adventure activities. This article though will just focus on a few of the top wineries to visit in the region.

The Mornington Peninsula is fast catching up to the Yarra Valley as the destination to go to for a winery tour from Melbourne. Just one hour away from the city, the Mornington Peninsula offers a wine region within close proximity to where you are staying and is easily accessible through the Mornington Peninsula Freeway.

Mornington Peninsula Wine

Tucks Winery Wine bottles

Firstly let’s mention that the Mornington Peninsula is a colder climate region. Thus a lot of wineries specialise in Pinot varieties of grapes. You can also get nice Chardonnay and Shiraz here but it’s their Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio that stand out. What makes the region particularly interesting is that the vineyards are found at different altitudes. Red Hill sits at about 6-700m above sea level, yet there are also many grapes grown at sea level too. This is an important thing to note as altitude can play an important role in the flavour the grapes. This meaning you can get a stark difference in two varieties of Pinot from the same winery.

Now that you understand the wine a little more, let’s look at some of the top wineries to visit.

Mornington Peninsula Wineries

Typically open between 11am-5pm daily each winery on this list has great lunch options and generally charges $5-10 per tasting, redeemable on any purchase. Let’s check them out!

Outside eating at Montalto winery


Sitting on the rolling hills of Red Hill South, Montalto is a beautiful, classy winery with a free sculpture park you can stroll through. With both a high class restaurant and a more casual piazza, dining here has many options including the outdoor
picnic area. Montalto offer three wine labels – Pennon Hill, Montalto Estate and the Single Vineyard Range – so there is plenty of styles to try.



Sitting next door and recently purchased by Montalto, Tucks has become its little sister. As such is embraced by customers looking for a little more of a relaxed experience. Again with a nice cafe and picnic area, Tucks will give you the same views but at not quite the same expense. Tucks also dabbles in different styles of wine. As well as the traditional varieties they offer a Savagnin, Rose and Sparkling Vues as well.

Outdoor tasting at Tucks Winery


Situated in Main ridge, T’Gallant is a favourite lunch destination for twenty-something Melburnians. With their foot long wood-fire pizzas and fine wine a lazy afternoon can easily be spent here. The outside set up is similar to a beer garden with picnic tables to share. Their wine range includes the claim to be the pioneers of Pinots and a range of fun Moscato including Pink Moscato Spritz in a can.

Entrance at T'Gallant

Port Phillip Estate

A 5 stay luxury visit awaits you at Port Phillip Estate with the opportunity to Eat, Drink and Stay. Also in Red Hill South, Port Phillip Estate looks to cater for the high end customer. Their wine varieties include Pinot, Chardonnay, Rose and Shiraz and is definitely worth a visit as this is a place with style!

View from Port Phillip Estate


Located in Merricks, Stonier wines is a little more of a local product. You would consider Stonier to be a traditional winery, that focuses on a select range – Pinto Noir and Chardonnay – but does them well and sources grapes from a variety of altitudes.

Entrance at Stonier Winery

Point Leo Estate

With sweeping views of Western Port Bay Point Leo Estate is one of the newest wineries in the Mornington Peninsula. For extra tourism, the sculpture park here is worth multi millions of dollars. The restaurant, Laura, has also won many awards already. So regardless if you’re looking to dine or just chill on a summer’s afternoon, this is a place where chilling can be done right.

Inside Point Leo Estate Sculpture at Point Leo Estate

Rare Hare/Willow Creek Vineyard/Jackalope

Our final winery for this article is another Eat, Drink, Sleep option. Jackalope Hotel is known as a 5 star business retreat. Rare Hare Restaurant has become very popular for modern Australian cuisine they are situated at the original Willow Creek Vineyard in Merricks North. The wines here cater to your traditional palate with sparkling, cabernet sauvignon and grenache shiraz options as well as your Pinot and Chardonnay.

Rare Hare Winery Rare Hare Wine Tasting

Plan Your Day

With most wineries having top end eating options too it just as easy to spend a day at the one location or venture around to many tastings. The wineries above have been listed in a way that would work in order. It’d be a suggestion to just pick 3 or 4 stops for your Mornington Peninsula winery experience, including one of them for lunch. If this seems like something you’d like to organise and want a professional company to run it for you then why not check out our winery tour option at

Hope to see you on a tour soon!

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