Our pick up point is:
Bus zone in Russell St in the CBD between Flinders st and Flinders Lane at 7.30am
Drop off at end of tour will be at same spot. We will arrive back at approximately 6pm.
If you choose to then once you are on tour you can have a great time and not need to pay another cent. Having said that we highly recommend the optional activities you can choose to do.
If you want drinks (other than water, tea & coffee) or extra snacks then you will need to provide them. There will be some chances to pick some up on tour but it is recommended you bring them along.
We also provide the sleeping bag at no extra cost. You just need a sleeping bag liner to put inside.
Yes you do, we aren’t licensed so you’ll need to bring it (having said that we’ll help to chill it!).
The food provided on a day will generally look something like this:
BREAKFAST: muesli, fruit, toast, tea and coffee
LUNCH: wraps with meat and salad options, fruit and some sort of snack
DINNER:changes every night but some options are tacos, risotto, pasta, curry, gourmet salad, bbq
We love food so each of these options will pack in goodness. For instance there will be a selection of tea, coffee will be filtered not Nescafé and all, muesli will be of a good quality and all meals will pack in lots of goodies.
Before dinner we will typically have a nice snack like dips, cheese and crackers or crisps.
Most campgrounds have power points and Wi-Fi. When we don’t have access to that then our bus has an inverter with power points that can be used at the campsites.
On the bus every seat has a USB point meaning you can charge any device that can hook up to it. Plus our driver will provide a hot spot on the bus to give limited Wi-Fi (no streaming though!). This will be accessible as long as not abused.
As well as your standard clothing items the following is needed:
Water bottle
Sunscreen/Insect Repellent
Hat And Sun Glasses
Warm Clothes For Night
Hiking Shoes
Rain Jacket
Phone (Preferable)
Any medication you need
Sleeping Bag Liner
Pillow (can use your bag with soft clothes if prefer)
There is room to take luggage but we ask to please keep it down to one soft bag of no more than 15kg. Hard case suitcases are not permitted, if everyone brought one, they would not fit!
Please also bring a day bag. You will not necessarily have access to your luggage during the day when we aren't at the campsite so pack your day's needs inside a day bag instead.
We will endeavour to meet all dietary requirements known ahead of time and will have separate pots and pans to cook specific dietary needs.
All optional activities are outsourced to local providers so it is highly recommended to book in all optional activities ahead of time, as we can’t guarantee a space will be available unless booked ahead.
Some activities are open to the general public so they may get booked out ahead. Also some activities require a minimum number to proceed.
We drive around in a luxurious Mercedes minibus decked out the following way:

It has 15 passenger seats with plenty of legroom, with each seat having reclining capability, arm rests and USB chargers.
The a/c is upgraded meaning the climate in the bus will be as good as possible and has overhead storage to store your day bags.
We also have a Bluetooth digital radio system so we can connect to everyone’s playlists.
The trailer we lug around has plenty of storage space and contains ice cooler boxes to store all the food/drinks we need to keep cold.
Lastly our bus has a good, strong engine so it won’t take forever to get around.
Camping is the main way Aussies go travelling on a short trip. We love the great outdoors and want to be in it. There’s nothing better than staring out to the stars at night and hearing the birds in the morning. By being out in nature, it naturally relaxes you and isn’t that what you want when you’re on holiday?
We also feel as tourists you want to immerse yourself in the local culture. Camping is the Aussie way so that is why we provide you this option.
Our guide will be in charge of the campsite and all meals but will need help in doing so. As such at the first campsite we will teach you how to set up camp and pack down and then on the subsequent days we will expect you to help by doing your own. This will allow us to get it done as quickly as possible, giving us more time to enjoy the day. Plus if you’ve never set up a tent before, you will leave our tour knowing now how to do it!
The same goes with all meals. The guide will need help preparing them (cutting up vegetables etc.) And also cleaning up afterwards so there is an expectation that everyone will lend a hand.
After all many hands make light work!
All camping grounds are private campgrounds. This means they have the following:
• Amenities block (hot showers and toilets)
• Communal shelter area and games room
• Most have Wi-Fi (don’t expect 5G service though)
• Most have laundry facilities
• Play areas (some have a pool, some ball sports, indoor games etc.)
You are in nature but there’s still lots to do when we hit camp at night!
Camping sounds like a cheap way to travel and it can be, but on a tour it isn’t necessarily. For instance the guide needs to be on 24x7. On most tours the guide can drop you off to your accommodation at the end of the day and pick you up the following one, with camping they can’t. Also the guide needs to prepare all the meals, something they wouldn’t be doing if staying in accommodation.
Furthermore all meals are included and prepared fresh for you, meaning you don’t have to pay for some of them like on most tours saving a lot of money (particularly in Australia).
Lastly, don’t forget we also include activities like the Peninsula Hot Springs and a winery tasting free of charge to make sure everyone gets that little feel of luxury at the end of the tour!
Hop To It Tours is happy to take anybody that is looking to have a good time, is adventurous and loves the outdoors but if we had to describe certain characteristics of who we believe our target customer to be then it would look like this:
• Adventurous and active, moderate level of fitness
• Likes to get hands on
• Enjoys other people’s company
• Doesn’t look for the most budget options but doesn’t need luxury either. Instead likes value for money and is happy to pay for things they believe fits that mould.
• Values good service
Those characteristics listed above describe what we look for when we go travelling. For instance we are no longer interested in dorm travel as like our own space but don’t need 4 or 5 star accommodation either. Plus we like to stay in a way that fits where we are and immerses ourselves in the local culture.
We love good quality food (and lots of it) and are happy to pay for it but don’t need to fine dine.
We hate missing out on activities in an area because the tour doesn’t have time to do them.
Lastly we’d rather help out the tour however needed to keep it flowing well. There’s nothing worse than having to wait around all the time for others!
All guides have level II first aid certificates, a valid driver’s license and good level of fitness to come to your aid if need be. They are excellent chefs (in their opinion) and are very aware of the dangers that could come about when camping outdoors.
We stay in private campgrounds so that any risk from nature is avioded as much as possible and so that all facilities needed are close at hand. Our bus too has a comprehensive first aid kit.
All optional activities are outsourced to local providers who specialize in that area and thus will have responsibility for you when undertaking their activities.
Having said all of that, accidents do happen in the great outdoors. We do everything we can to minimise any risks but it is still up to you to make sure you take the upmost care in all activities you participate in and take out travel insurance to cover you in case of any unforeseen emergencies!